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Social Media Packages

Social Media Packages


3 out of 4 people use social networks.

social-mediaOver 400 million people use Facebook. 80 Million use Twitter. Social Media is used for Customer Service, Feedback, Networking, Promotions and  Company updates.
Our social media supports over 100,000 likes within Australia Facebook business pages.

Jodie completed the Social Media Marketing Specialist Training 2010 Certification via VA Classroom and continues to attend seminars and workshops to provide the most up to date information to her clients.

Our social media packages start from $30.00 per week and we only have limited amount of clients at any one time.  We do this to keep our services to a high standard.

 What we can do for your Internet Marketing and Social Media

  • You have a Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn page, but you’re not sure how to use them to promote what you do.
  • Virtually Organised does research to determine where your potential clients congregate online and find industry-related groups and organizations you can join. Virtually Organised helps you brainstorm about questions you can answer on these sites to establish you as an expert in your field.
  • Virtually Organised follows websites and blogs that pertain to your industry and suggests updates and posts you can use to build your visibility online.
  • You have tips and ideas for your clients. You send articles you’ve written to Virtually Organised. Virtually Organised gleans short, to-the-point segments and posts them to your social media sites or submits them to electronic newsletters, e-zines, and blogs.
  • You know you need to create a personalised presence in the world of social media, but you’re concerned that regularly checking Facebook and Twitter is going to take up too much time. Virtually Organised sets you up with a free, easy, social networking and micro-blogging web service that enables you to post to multiple social networks simultaneously.
  • You have been using your Facebook page to communicate with both friends and clients, but it’s filled with personal photos and comments from family and friends. Virtually Organised creates a Facebook business page using an attractive design and your logo, providing a professional platform from which you can send out business-related posts. Virtually Organised sends a personalised invite to your clients asking them to “Like” your Facebook business page.
  • You have been tweeting and posting to Facebook, but you don’t know whether anyone is “listening.” Virtually Organised can use Facebook business page data to determine who your fans are and what it is they are interested in reading about you.


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