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Social Customer Service

When customer service is exceptional, price is irrelevant.

How much have businesses taken advantage of social media customer care so far? Actually, not very much. An often-cited study by evolve24 – a Maritz Research company based in Fenton, Mo., that specializes in social media analytics — found that approximately 70% of customer service complaints made on Twitter go unanswered. Although the study is from 2011, the panelists believe that the percentage hasn’t changed significantly.

Social media customer care, canned responses are unacceptable. Responses must be personal, and it’s essential to strike the right tone.  Social media has become Australia’s emerging source of consumer enquiries. However, many companies are still trying to understand how it all works.  Here at Virtually Organised we understand that you already have a marketing campaign and already blown the budget on advertising….but we understand that you need someone to monitor comments and respond fast and effectively.

We can help….

  • We take the time to research your company.
  • We put together a Q & A for each company.
  • If we can’t find the correct answer one of our team will contact you and find out the answer.
  • We are NOT robots.
  • We can delete comments.
  • We can respond to questions.
  • We can monitor advertising campaigns.
  • ULTIMATELY we keep your customers happy.
  • Helpdesk integrations features,

Our packages start from $50.00 per month.

Click here to fill in the form.  This will help us have a look at your social media and provide FREE feedback.

Call Jodie on 0409 442 991 or email jodie@virtuallyorganised.com.au


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