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Do I really need to be on social media?

Do I really need to be on social media?

I had a client yesterday say that she would take over her social media which in itself was a kick to my ego because I loved what I did for her and I love her brand and what she was about.  I didn’t understand why her decision came about until one of my co-workers explained that she didn’t think I was doing much and what was the value of social media.

Well my first reactive thoughts were “wow I spend an hour a day working on your social media, how can you not see that”.  So that got me thinking that if she feels like that I am sure many people out there are thinking the same…..really what is the point of social media!

My social media service is not strategic, it’s not marketing based (my co-worker is an expert in her field and she handles that) it is based on representation.

I jumped onto google and searched for her name. Her website came up 1st and 2nd, her YouTube channel came up 3rd, and LinkedIn came up 4th, her Twitter came up around 10th.  All these were on the 1st page apart from twitter (that only made the 2nd page, I’m still happy with that though).

Social media is not only about sales (though that is the ultimate for many), it can be about sharing a message, it can be about sharing the love and it can for customer service, giving your customers a voice.

So my hour a day was split up into two.  I would check her accounts in the morning and then in the afternoon (along with the fact that I have setup up notifications for any comments so I can respond to messages and posts straight away).

So as a BGR (building good relationships) social media specialist, my hour each Monday to Friday included the following:

Check Facebook for comments, likes, private messages and reply on my clients behalf or if I thought she needed to respond I would forward the message without delay.  I would only post when we had content that was really good and really worth posting and taking up valuable time of our readers. NO you don’t have to post multiple times a day just because you think it will help increase your likes or engagement. I am sure many of you reading are more engagement based and stats based but as I said my philosophy is BGR based.  I would then search for her name and like comments and make others feel great and make them feel heard (sharing the love).  I would spend time looking up contacts and her network liking comments and sharing posts.

Twitter & YouTube I use the same strategy like, love, share and search for any inappropriate tweets or comments that might need to be delt with.  I also have some key words set up that feed in Hootsuite, so if someone was asking a question I could respond.

Her LinkedIn account had many connections and I mean many, I watched her LinkedIn grow and grow.  Now I believe this is because she did a lot of networking and massive pats on the back for her, she was good I mean really good at it. I would accept quality connections, send them a welcome message, I would look for people viewing her profile and send them a connection with a short and quick little message and I would search for her name and follow the same BGR plan.

When it came to her website, I would update her blog and then share it on multiple platforms and then check back each day for responses on old posts on Facebook and LinkedIn and the website.  My clients blogs were also really good so I had enormous pleasure in submitting them to many blog sharing sites (ones that weren’t spam or full of crap).

I would spend about an hour a week searching for good blog sharing sites, outside my clients time to make sure I kept up with the best of the sites in this fast pace every second changing social media society.

Of course I have only named a few social media platforms because this was the best target for this particular client. I’m a big lover of all things visual so my favs are Instagram and Pinterest.

So at the end of the day you have to work out exactly why you are on social media, what you want to achieve out of it and then find the best person that will suit your needs.

Signing off we loads of BGR

Jodie xx Virtual Assistant