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Virtual Assistants never get sick!  Right?

Virtual Assistants never get sick! Right?

File 5-05-2016, 7 47 26 AMSo today I have a list of things to do from working on a website that has been hacked (which was wickedly funny and my fellow VA thought so as well) to processing payments, client meetings, scheduling permits with Melbourne councils and looking after my clients social media.  That is a normal day and it is honestly so much fun.

I have woken up with a wicked headache and the skin on my face is doing something that makeup wouldn’t do justice. So today I am very thankful that I work from home where I can stay in a tracksuit, wear no makeup and feel sorry for myself.

Signing off with a 🙁 only because nobody else can give me sympathy working from a home office.

Jodie Hodges Virtual Assistant

Skype has a search option

Skype has a search option

Skype has a search option

I had no idea…..honestly! Did you know that you can search and find a specific message in Skype?  For a very long time I would scroll through my messages to try and find a specific request that a client had sent me or a missing code or what time the dinner date was on.

Today was a perfect example of my mission to beat the scroll. (I must point out that this blog is talking about Skype on my desktop).  A client had sent me a task and I had to find if it was via Skype, email or SMS.  Once I eliminated the email and SMS I turned to the dreaded Skype!  Being a busy Virtual Assistant means my Skype can get pretty hectic.

Anyways….check this out!

Click on the person/contact that you need to search.  Then select Conversation and a drop down menu will appear, then click on Find (or Ctrl + F).

Skype search first to do

Searching through messages using Skype.


Once you have clicked on Find you will see a new little tool bar (see below) show up down the bottom of your Skype chat and this my friends is where we type our magic word.

Skype search

The word you are searching for will show up (highlighted) and you can select next to find the same word if it is used multiple times.  This little find has just saved me hours of scrolling through old messages.  Please leave a comment below if you think this little tip is a keeper or if you would like me to research anything that drives you bonkers.

For instant tips you can visit my Facebook business page and make https://www.facebook.com/VirtuallyOrganised/

Until next time…

Jodie Hodges Virtual Assistant



Do you recommend people to your friends and colleagues?

This morning while on Facebook I noticed a comment on one of my clients Facebook pages “its time for you to get an awesome VA”!  No biggie, I replied with he already has one.  So in my stride I did actually go and look at the recommended persons website!  OMG HORROR….gasp…..oh and then I almost wet myself laughing. The website still had standard template text and was using a stock photo that had watermarks over it.

Not only did I laugh at the recommendation but it has done 2 things:

  1. The person who was recommended looks incompetent (because it was about hiring a VA)
  2. The person who did the recommending has done any research.  This can be damaging on all levels (including friendship)

Always think about recommending anyone before you do!  It could come back and bite you on the arse.


Xero have added file storage

You’ve been able to attach single documents to bills and receipts for a while – now we’ve extended this to allow multiple files to be attached to all sorts of things in Xero (invoices, bills, contacts, fixed assets and more).

Today cloud accounting moves beyond transactions and reports to include files and documents as part of the full financial data picture. Welcome to Files in Xero.


Remove spam from Gmail

To remove spam from your inbox:

  1. Select the message you’d like to report.
  2. Click the spam button in the toolbar above your message list.
    (If you have the message open, you can also report it as spam by using the same button.)

To remove spam forever: (more…)