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Random Act of Kindness

Random act of kindness


I’m not sure where to start today.  Breathe……..stop being a cry baby (OH HAPPY TEARS).


My beautiful daughter and a wonderful group of kids have been chosen to dance next year in America.

They actually get to dance up the main street of Disneyland.

There are around 30 kids dancing with my daughter being the baby of the group at the perfect age of 7.

I have been amazed at the families involved.  We have been cooking BBQ’s, selling pies and chocolate frogs.  Nothing is to hard, nothing is a drama.  My daughter has never felt like her epilepsy is an issue and that I say a massive thank you to the kids and the their families and of course to the wonderful teachers who sometimes have to wait for Emily to have an absent seizure before going onto the next move.

While I was selling my pies I had one of my son’s mates mum from school say to me that they would give me a cheque instead of buying pies.  Today while at karate she handed me a cheque for $500.00.  I was blown away!  She said this is for the kids and smiled.

To you my dear friend, THANK YOU.

I promise to take a picture while those kids are living a dream!




Good Ol’ Fashioned Marketing is Still Good for Business

by Donna Toothaker

Most online businesses naturally focus on online marketing and social media to drive their business. However, traditional “offline” marketing methods are invaluable. They are still some of the most effective ways to growing your business, and should not be overlooked.

First, are you using your mailing list effectively? A good mailing list is the foundation for your business. This is not just an e-mail list. Having a database of names, mailing addresses, phone numbers and other personal information gives you the tools to connect personally with current and potential clients, business associates and even competitors.

Are you launching a new service or product, or presenting at a local event? Send a postcard announcement to clients, potential clients and area businesses with whom you do business. Do mailings every other month or so, including something valuable and new each time.

Send personal notes to clients thanking them for choosing you, thanking them for a referral, and upon completion of a big project. Including a personal sentiment shows care and attention to detail. Put birthdays on your calendar and send cards to your clients – your kindness will be remembered, and so will you when the opportunity comes up for a client to refer somebody to your company. A good way to keep track of client birthdays and send out cards automatically is to use an online service like SendOutCards.com.

Many newspapers and local radio and cable television stations will gladly print listings or run PSAs for offerings that are free and serve the public. Offer to do a free class or workshop at your local library, women’s business network, or community center, and send press releases to local papers, radio, television, and local business newsletters, such as those sent out by the chamber of commerce. Ask whatever group who is hosting you to send it to their membership and contacts as well. Whether a small business owner is curious about hiring a Virtual Assistant, or a local unemployed professional is looking to start her own VA business, marketing yourself face to face is a highly effective way to promote your business, and the VA industry in your area, while adding new prospective clients to your mailing list.

Where do your local entrepreneurs do business or hang out? Bring yourself to potential customers. Places like copy centers, local cafes with Wi-Fi, and health clubs are populated with your target market, and often have community bulletin boards or places to leave business cards. Get to know the managers or owners of these businesses. Ask to hang fliers with any new business offerings, upcoming events, coupons or special offers.

Advertising is also effective – but only if you are able to do so on a regular basis, and to the right audience. If major newspapers or industry magazines are out of your reach financially, consider pitching a weekly column and ad placement in a local community paper, an ad on a local am radio talk station, or sponsoring arts and community events throughout the year.

Work these ideas into your yearly marketing plan, and see where they can dovetail with your online marketing. You may repurpose your online article submissions as those community newspaper columns, for example, or send a postcard to contacts as you launch your new services or specials online. Whatever offline marketing route you choose to travel, utilizing those good ol’ fashioned, tried-and-true methods can put you on the road to growth and success!

Donna Toothaker is CEO, founder and coach of Step It Up VA Coaching, and the creator of the 6 Steps to 6-Figure VA Success System. These highly sought-after VA coaching programs have been created for established, successful VAs who wish to create the 6-figure business of their dreams. Visithttp://www.stepitupva.com to receive the free report, Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Creating a 6-Figure VA Business.

Infusionsoft Training


When was the last time you heard about a software, system or program that you just started salivating over the possibilities it could bring into your life? Think about when Twitter and Facebook came onto the scene, what would have happened if you had bypassed the opportunity to utilize these tools for your biz? Ouch that would have been a colossal mistake, right?

Well, just as they were once new comers we have a ‘new’ newcomer to the marketing scene called Infusionsoft. Maybe you have heard of it… maybe it is a great mystery to you, or maybe you are like me salivating at all it is offers! No matter where you are on the understanding my friend Tina Forsyth is about to UNVEIL the opportunity Infusionsoft offers!

So here’s the pitch if you are in the virtual service industry (marketer, VA, OBM, strategist) or you have virtual service folks on your team you need to listen up:

Online Business Manager Academy is offering the “Infusionsoft: What it is and Why I Care” FREE teleclass with host Tina Forsyth!

Already taste the sweet goodness of this opportunity? Find out more here:


On the call Tina will share:

What is Infusionsoft? (Hint: it’s much more than a shopping cart!)
Why is it so popular with biz owners? (There is a reason so many are making the switch.)
How does it compare to other shopping cart, broadcasting and autoresponder systems out there? (There are some key benefits to Infusionsoft vs. other tools.)
Is this a worthwhile skill set to add to your business? (It’s not for everyone, but if your role involves supporting clients’ business efficiency and growth, you MUST consider learning Infusionsoft.)

I told you it was sizzling HOT! But the question is will you get “BURNT”? Don’t miss the opportunity to find out for yourself if this is the best option for you or your clients!



P.S Are you leading the way or are you playing catch up? It’s up to you.. but if you want to lead the way best you learn from the experts!